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BarokkMinimalist was Norway's first e-zine for art criticism, Our only dogma was no dogma. All art exhibitions by professional artists were of equal interest for reviewing. Older artists, younger artists. Artists working in more traditional formats, as well as the so-called avantgarde. Artists making the front pages in national newspapers, as well as the hidden gems. Art shows in galleries run by younger artists, as well as in the established institutions. We covered it!

 ​We had a wonderful crew of art historians, philosophers and artists on board, writing the criticisms. One goal was to write in-depth, to take the individual artists' works seriously. To try to figure out what the exhibitions were about, and, if something didn't agree with the writer, to try to explain why.  Criticism to us was never about bashing the artist, - but to try to understand and communicate to a wider audience our findings, and the artists' individual projects. We had great fun!

There was no money involved in this project. We published 11 issues from September 2001 to April 2003, covering more than 90 exhibitions, - all in a true "hand to mouth" spirit!

Our eminent contributors were: Gry Solbraa, Stine Schwebs, Aud-Kristin Kongsbro Haldorsen, Lene Auestad, Mette Thorstensen, Therese Kristin Tokle, Helene Brekke, Walther Struma, Jonas M.N. Sørensen, Vibeke Vesterhagen, Elisa Saether, Lars Fr. H. Svendsen, Jan Valentin Saether & Hanne Storm Ofteland.


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